Clinical Hypnotherapy

Joy has seen numerous successful results from working with people over several years who have engaged in hypnotherapy as it addresses negative thinking, ruminating unhelpful thought processes, sleep difficulties that perpetuates negative thinking and becomes habitual. As a consequence of this negativity impacting on their lives their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is impaired and manifests itself as anxiety and stress which creates illnesses and even diseases. Clinical hypnotherapy with it’s use of positive suggestions and deep relaxation, enables the brain to change, to produce more natural ‘feel good’ chemicals endorphin and serotonin,  that in turn enables highly stressed people to take back control of their lives, promotes automatic positive thinking, feel empowered and change behaviors. I also teach techniques which help to embed and speed up this process even further. Take a look at Joy’s sister website www.swanstherapy.co.uk for more information on Hypnotherapy, it’s benefits and issues that it addresses.

The NHS does provide a Hypnotherapy service in some parts of the UK particularly to address IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Sleep, Pain Control, OCD etc  and in recent years Hypno-Birthing has become very popular.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Joy are 60 mins long at a fee of £60.

If you are unable to attend sessions during the week due to work/business commitments Joy offers weekend sessions at a fee of £70 please call to arrange on 07919 051956

Science and Hypnotherapy : Why hypnotherapy is not woo woo the evidence

Scientifically there is a lot of evidence on how we can change the brain’s negative thought processes and functioning by positive thinking. Hypnotherapy speeds up this process. Neuro -science explains how neuro-placticity surrounding the brain cells can alter simply by the way we think and neuro-scientific research backs this up: Why not google and take a look at youtube videos to help you understand this more, it’s really interesting!!

As negative thinking becomes a bad habit this ignites automatic unhelpful responses influencing negative actions and behaviours so professional help is needed from qualified clinical hypnotherapist to break these subconscious and unconscious responses which is what hypnotherapy does through the repetition of more helpful positive suggestions to ‘over ride’ and become new positive thoughts, actions and reactions. Just like rewiring the brain, which is a very energising, empowering and hugely relaxing experience. Unlike some misconceptions about clinical hypnotherapy YOU are the one always in control. Email me to book your session joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk

Joy also offers gift vouchers a wonderful gesture for anyone looking for healing and relaxation.


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