Managing Anxiety and Stress – One Day Workshop

It is a sad fact that anxiety and stress is a big part of present day life, this workshop is carefully designed to enable you to cope better with it.

The aim of this workshop is:

  • To help you learn a variety of techniques and models to help you manage stress and anxiety in your life.
  • To enable you to become calmer, be more relaxed, feel more confident & in control so that you can really enjoy your life.

In the workshop we will discuss and explore:

*Understanding anxiety and stress and the impact it has on your life, work, family and relationships.

*Managing anxiety and stress by learning various relaxation techniques and how to feel and remain a positive person

Arrange to come on your own or bring a group of friends or colleagues and help reduce your costs!

The full cost of the day is:

£45 – per person in group 

Plenty of free parking – Tea & coffee and cake provided, please bring your own lunch.

Some feedback from attendees: A group of teachers from a local Secondary School, Bournemouth

Delivery/ Presentation……

“Just the right balance between friendly and professional. Joy and John are very knowledgeable”

“Good the sessions were just the right length and breaks at good times”

“Very friendly not just there to deliver contents but listened to what we had to say, very caring”

“It was good to start with what stress and anxiety are and then share our experiences later when we were more comfortable”

The ways the course was useful….

“A better understanding of why I feel the way I do in certain situations so I feel less weak”

“Gave me some tools to recognise irrational behaviour’s and ways to stop myself and change my behaviour in a positive way”

“Helped me to acknowledge and verbalise my behaviour’s so that I can start to change them”

“Recognising that things I don’t think are affecting me, are, and in ways I hadn’t realised”

 I would recommend this workshop to others because….

“It is great to acknowledge that our feelings are real and normal and it is not just us that are experiencing them”

“I now have practical strategies to use when I am feeling stressed or anxious so I feel more in control of my emotions already”

“It is a good opportunity to take time to focus on yourself”

All workshops, training and groups are held in our beautiful log cabin. ‘ Peace Haven.’ Here we will provide a safe and caring space in which to relax & enjoy. 

For additional personalised workshop dates and bookings:  

Phone: Joy 079190 51956 or 02102 303722

email joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk



Positive Perspectives – The Heart of Self Hypnosis – 3hr workshop

Learn Self-Hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic techniques to boost your confidence and to empower yourself to forge your way ahead to achieve your personal and professional goals

Self -hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful self – healing discipline to enhance your own self – healing abilities by the positive power of your mind promoting self- care that’s – The Heart of Self Hypnosiis

Arrange to come on your  own or bring a group of friends or colleagues and help reduce your costs!

£40.00 per person 

Plenty of free parking – Tea & coffee and cake provided.

Some comments from the previous workshops are:

” Joy is knowledgeable and professional – made the subject tangible”

“Positive useful tools for self – help” 

” Good opportunity to reflect on myself and my life that needs attention” 

“Very useful practical tips”

“Excellent very professional yet very relaxed presentation”

-“Professional and friendly”

“Extremely useful tips and self – hypnosis”

” Approached in a manner that made it all accessible” 

” I learnt how to relax”

 “Good for evaluating where I am in each aspect of my life”

Our beautiful Buddha water feature

Come and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our retreat style garden to enhance your learning or healing experience. We have taken a lot of  care  to give you a calm and relaxing time here with us. 

HypnoReiki is a sub brand of Swans Therapy Bournemouth where my partner and husband John and I have run a successful private counselling, psychotherapy,hypnotherapy, coaching and reiki therapeutic practice for over 10 years. Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my site”.





For workshop dates and bookings email joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk

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