Have you ever thought about becoming a natural healer? Joy is delighted to offer training in HypnoReiki™.

HypnoReiki ™

This course is for : Qualified Reiki Practitioners & Hypnotherapists only

One Day Zoom Training in HypnoReiki ™ 

Training lasts for 5 hours online via Zoom and therefore flexible dates, start times and time zones are accommodated for, to fit in with existing schedules and can be agreed with Joy when booking your training.

The training course incorporates the teaching of how to apply positive hypnotherapeutic healing suggestions combined with Reiki healing techniques. Included in your 1 to 1 training will be;

• Supervised practice
• Training Manual
• Scripts
• Trademarked Certificate

  • As a qualified HypnoReiki™ practitioner you will receive an official, authorised HypnoReiki™ Trademarked Logo which you can use for your marketing and promotion purposes.

If you are interested in learning HypnoReiki™, please contact Joy to discuss your interest on 07919 051956 or email joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk

Cost of Training – £275.00

“I found the course to be very well run. Joy thoroughly explained all the way through, the processes and reasons for what we were doing. Joy is kind and considerate and listened to. Would love to have done it in person but zoom did it just as well. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of Reiki and Hypnosis. Thank you Joy. I feel very excited about using this wonderful healing modality with friends and clients.” Helen Tellis, Bedfordshire

“Amazing – case studies spur you on, such encouraging, inspiring stories. Brilliant scripts, thorough and clear …Nice to know I’ve got Joy’s ongoing support, that means a lot to me.” Stella Marlow, Leicestershire

“High level of professionalism, sharing of experiences & interesting case studies. Joy is very knowledgeable. Very good quality of materials and Training Manual, easy to read & follow, comprehensive from start to end. Spot on breaks at the right pace, organic discussions about good practice and sharing of experiences. Very enjoyable experience, so happy to take what I am doing to the next level and can’t wait to get started.” Clare Hampton, Bali

“The training was fantastic! I appreciated the extra hypnotherapy techniques and tips I learnt, they were great and really helpful. Everything to do with the course was very good. The pace of the day worked well with breaks in just the right place. I am glad I met you, Joy.”                     Angela Meddens, Ohio, USA

Gina is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner in London who completed my one day HypnoReiki™ Practitioner course and was pleased to now be able to offer HypnoReiki™ as part of her services.

“I felt that the whole therapeutic experience is a lovely complimentary therapy to offer someone as a therapy.  Relaxing, soothing, spa experience.”

She also mentioned that she thought that HypnoReiki™ was powerfully healing so if you are looking for an amazing anti stress and anxiety treatment then look no further.

Please feel free to call me, Joy, on 07919 051956 for a no obligation chat regarding treatments or trainings.

Natural healing also helps you to heal yourself and have a positive influence on the world. .......................... "If we wish to see change in the world, we must first be the change ourselves" - The Buddha



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