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HypnoReiki ™

One day Training and HypnoReiki  Certificate - £250.00

*You will need to be a qualified and certified practitioner in both Hypnotherapy and Reiki to apply:

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner or above


Reiki Level 1 - 1st Degree 

August 19th & 20th

September 23rd & 24th

October 28th & 29th

Winter Break until March 2018

Briefly, Level 1 - First Degree Reiki, enables you to become intuned to reiki, raise your self-awareness of the energetic world around us and learn how this awareness grows so you can allow it to flow through you for the benefit of yourself and others.

I will also teach and guide you through all the other levels as you grow and develop and become more intuned to Reiki energy and healing. Level 2 - Second Degree, Reiki Practitioner, Level 3 - Third Degree, Reiki Master Practitioner and finally Reiki Master Teacher level.  

Reiki Level 2 - 2nd Degree

£200.00     2 days - DTBD

Reiki Shares

£10.00 monthly – 1st Monday of each month

Reiki Level 3 – 3rd Degree / Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher


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