Would you like to become a natural healer? Joy offers training in Reiki and HypnoReiki

HypnoReiki ™

One day Training  / HypnoReiki ™  6 hours – flexible start and end times and dates as agreed with Joy

On this training course Joy will teach you how to apply positive hypnotheraputic healing suggestions combined with reiki healing techniques. This will include supervised practice on the day for individuals or for two people working together to ensure quality teaching and individual attention within a safe and comfortable environment. All scripts will be provided. 

  • Please contact Joy on 07919 051956 to discuss your interest.
  • Training Manual, Scripts and Trademarked Certificate included – investment £225.00

*Please note: You will need to already be a certified Hypnotherapist and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner to apply: joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk


Joy Sackett Wood – Reiki Master Teacher 

If you would like to learn Reiki with Joy please call her on 07919 051956   

Reiki Level 1 – First Degree

The course is spread out over two days to allow you to ensure you receive quality teaching, individual attention and plenty of supervised practice within a comfortable learning environment.

Level 1 – First Degree Reiki, enables you to become attuned to reiki healing energy, raise your self-awareness of the energetic world around us and learn how this awareness grows in personal development, so you can allow it to flow through you for the healing benefit of yourself, your friends, family and pets.

Please contact Joy for the full teaching course details which is in accordance to UKRF ( UK Reiki Federation ) and to book your place.

  • Please note: you will need to complete Reiki Level 2 to become a qualified Reiki practitioner.
  • There are 4 recognised levels within the Usui System of Natural Healing approved by the UK Reiki Federation and Usui reiki lineage.

Joy can also teach and guide you through these levels as you grow and develop, and support you as you become more attuned to Reiki energy and healing.

Level 1 course includes a comprehensive manual and certificate – Fee – £175.00

In brief the other Reiki Levels are:

Level 2 – Second Degree, Reiki Practitioner, receiving 3 of the reiki healing energy symbols and advanced attunements.

Level 3 – Third Degree, Reiki Master Practitioner recieving the Master symbol and further advanced attunement

Level 4  –  Reiki Master / Teacher  in which you learn to teach Reiki and receive the final Master/Teacher attunement 

Reiki Shares  – Sunday morning once a month – 10.30am – 12.00 pm, contribution £7 per session

If you are already attuned to reiki at any level and  would like to come and join us in a reiki share morning to practice giving and receiving healing, you are most welcome,  please contact Joy on 07919 051956 for the current dates

Natural healing also helps you to heal yourself and have a positive influence on the world. .......................... "If we wish to see change in the world, we must first be the change ourselves" - The Buddha



Joy is a member of UK Reiki Federation

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