Have you ever thought about becoming a natural healer? Joy is delighted to offer training in both HypnoReiki™and Reiki.

HypnoReiki ™

This course is for : Qualified Reiki Practitioners & Hypnotherapists only

One Day Training in HypnoReiki ™ 

Training lasts for 5 hours online via Zoom and therefore flexible dates, start times and time zones are accommodated for, to fit in with existing schedules and can be agreed with Joy when booking your training.

The training course incorporates the teaching of how to apply positive hypnotherapeutic healing suggestions combined with Reiki healing techniques. Included in your 1 to 1 training will be;

• Supervised practice
• Training Manual
• Scripts
• Trademarked Certificate

  • As a qualified HypnoReiki™ practitioner you will receive an official, authorised HypnoReiki™ Trademarked Logo which you can use for your marketing and promotion purposes.

If you are interested in learning HypnoReiki™, please contact Joy to discuss your interest on 07919 051956 or email joy.sackett@hypnoreiki.co.uk

Cost of Training – £225.00

‘I found the course to be very well run. Joy thoroughly explained all the way through, the processes and reasons for what we were doing. Joy is kind and considerate and listened too. Would lovely to have done it in person but zoom did it just as well. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of Reiki and Hypnosis. Thank you Joy. I feel very excited about using this wonderful healing modality with friends and clients,’ – Helen Tellis, Bedfordshire

Gina is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner in London who completed my one day HypnoReiki™ Practitioner course and was pleased to now be able to offer HypnoReiki™ as part of her services.

“I felt that the whole therapeutic experience is a lovely complimentary therapy to offer someone as a therapy.  Relaxing, soothing, spa experience.”

She also mentioned that she thought that HypnoReiki™ was powerfully healing so if you are looking for an amazing anti stress and anxiety treatment then look no further.

Please feel free to call me, Joy, on 07919 051956 for a no obligation chat regarding treatments or trainings.


Training offered by Joy Sackett Wood – Reiki Master Teacher

Within the Usui System of Natural Healing there are 4 recognised levels of training approved by the UK Reiki Federation and Usui Reiki Lineage.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Joy can teach and guide you through these levels and as you grow and develop in your natural healing abilities, she will continue to support you as you become more attuned to Reiki energy and healing.

Reiki Level 1 – First Degree

Also known as the Foundation, the Reiki Level 1 course is run over two days to ensure you receive;

  • Quality teaching
  • Individual Attention
  • Supervised Practice

All of the training and supervised practice takes place within a very comfortable and pleasant learning environment – Joy’s Peace Haven cabin.

Taught in accordance with the UK Reiki Federation recommendations, this Level 1 course will enable you to begin your Reiki journey with the encouragement and support you need. On this course you will;

  • Learn about the history of the Usui Natural Healing System & Lineage
  • Chakras & Bio-Energy Fields – Raise your self-awareness of the energetic world around, within and surrounding you.
  • Learn about the growth of this awareness through personal development
  • Learn how to become attuned to the Reiki healing energy
  • Learn about how to allow Reiki healing energy to flow through you for the benefit of healing yourself, friends and family, animals and plants.

The course includes;

  • A comprehensive manual
  • Certificate of Training Completion
  • Delicious Lunch – included for both days

Reiki Level 1 – Two Day Course Fee – £175.00

Please note the following:

  • Courses are usually held on Saturday and Sunday but that dates for all levels of Joy’s Reiki Training are agreed and arranged when booking your course due to varied dairy commitments.
  • Numbers are limited to between 2-4 students on each course to allow for maximum attention and personal development.
  • All training takes place in the comfortable and relaxing Peace Haven Cabin.
  • All dietary requirements can be met for the delicious lunches, simply discuss when booking.

Fulfilling. Enjoyable. Personable. These are the goals for your Reiki learning experience.

Reiki Level 2 – Second Degree

Called the Practitioner, the Reiki Level 2 course is once again held over two days to ensure the quality of teaching, plenty of time for supervised practice and to allow for the optimum amount of individual attention.

Taught in accordance to the recommendations from the UK Reiki Federation, the syllabus of this level 2 course will enable you to further raise your confidence to work independently with clients of your own should that be the path you wish to pursue.

During this Reiki Level 2 course you will;

  • Receive 3 of the Reiki energy symbols and advanced attunements which will aid in raising your personal energy levels.
  • Learn what each of the Reiki symbols represent and how to apply them appropriately in your healing work, in accordance with our Usui Lineage.
  • Learn how to develop and continue to grow as a practitioner.
  • Receive a comprehensive manual.
  • Be awarded a Certificate of Training

Reiki Level 3 – Third Degree | Reiki Master

This Master Practitioner course is held over two days and provides quality teaching, supervised practice and individual attention.

The aim of the Reiki Level 3 course is to really increase your energetic levels and provides you with advanced practice techniques that will then in turn equip you to the higher level of knowledge and ability. Once achieved, the Reiki Level 3 qualification is an indicator of a good and committed practitioner.

As ever, this course is taught in accordance with the syllabus and criteria of the UK Reiki Foundation and Usui lineage and will include;

  • The Master Energy Symbol and further advanced attunement.
  • A comprehensive manual.
  • Certificate of training

Reiki Level 4 – Fourth Degree | Reiki/Master Teacher

For those of you who wish to pass on your knowledge and skills and to teach Reiki to others, Master Teacher/ Practitioner is the most advanced level course that will provide you with the training you need.

This two-day course is the ultimate progression of your Reiki journey. Those who reach Reiki Level 4 are dedicated Reiki practitioners who are highly committed to the natural healing system of Reiki and the desire to heal others.

Taught in accordance to the UK Reiki Federation syllabus and criteria, you will;

  • Learn how to teach Reiki and give attunements in accordance to our Usui Lineage.
  • Receive your final Master/Teacher energy attunement to even further advance your energetic levels.
  • Comprehensive manual.
  • Certificate of Training.

Natural healing also helps you to heal yourself and have a positive influence on the world. .......................... "If we wish to see change in the world, we must first be the change ourselves" - The Buddha



Joy is a member of UK Reiki Federation

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