‘Amazing’ ‘Fantastic’ ‘Blown away’ ‘really, really, good’ ‘I would definitely recommend to my friends, to anyone, it’s so powerfully relaxing. Love your calming voice, HypnoReikiTM is so good for me’ ‘I find it hard to relax, usually I find it so hard ‘ ‘I have been sleeping so well and anxiety has disappeared feeling so bright and positive! ‘I really liked the session I enjoyed the environment, better in a cabin rather that a therapy room’
GS Sales Marketing
‘Feeling very relaxed. Thank you again it was blissful’ ‘I feel so deeply relaxed, I find it hard to relax, I can’t believe how relaxed I feel. I can’t remember ever feeling this relaxed I just don’t usually relax at all!’ ‘So calm, so blissful’
PD Teacher
‘Fascinating, I feel so very deeply relaxed, sorry if that is cliché!’ ‘I find it hard to relax, usually I find it so hard ‘ ‘I liked your calming voice and suggestions I felt it helped me to relax more deeply especially liked in the reiki part’. ‘I think Reiki with Hypnotherapy was very powerful and really ‘worked’ for me’. ‘So powerfully relaxing, business managers and busy stressed professionals would really benefit from this treatment’.
Marketing Executive
‘really relaxed and really enjoyed the session’ ‘ liked your soft and calming voice’ ‘enjoyed the environment very much, added to the relaxation’ ‘Hi Joy, feel so much better today after your HypnoReiki ™ session yesterday’. My leg is not hurting at all now!’
TS Project Manager ‘I felt very positive and uplifted ‘empowered’ I enjoyed the suggestions very much’. ‘I feel very satisfied, positive, uplifted and happy’
Project Manager

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