What is HypnoReiki?

The majority of people know what Reiki and Hypnotherapy are, though due to the entertainment industry, they may not understand the therapeutic side to hypnosis. However, many will never have heard of HypnoReikiTM before, though the name is relatively self-explanatory.

However, we thought it would be a good idea to fully explain; What is HypnoReikiTM?

It was originally Joy’s curiosity combined with her existing skills that led her to wonder about the blending of Reiki and Hypnotherapy together. She believed that this combination had the potential to create an even more powerful and yet gentle healing experience.

Through the use of many trials, Joy created this technique which has proved beneficial to people on every level; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Joy owns the Registered Trademark for HypnoReikiTM and is in high demand for both treatment and training.

What does HypnoReikiTM involve?

As mentioned, HypnoReikiTM combines two amazing healing treatments allowing them to work together in harmony.

Reiki – is an ancient Japanese healing tradition.  Experienced Reiki practitioners are skilled in the use of hands-on healing techniques placed on particular points on the body, our Chakras, to cleanse and release negative energy and imbalances.

Hypnotherapy – helps to create a state of deep relaxation and focused attention which allows the Hypnotherapist to use positive suggestions and guided imagery to overcome various concerns and issues.

Blended together, these relaxing holistic treatments work in unison beautifully.

How does HypnoReikiTM work?

Hypnotherapy uses language patterns and by combining these with the deep relaxation brought on by Reiki, Joy is able to create an enhanced process of cleansing, clearing and of healing the body and its natural flow of energy. By achieving this process, it allows the mind and body to be more open to the flow of energy through the chakras and in turn creates a deeper level of comfort and calm.

Once in this much deeper state, the use of hypnotherapeutic techniques and positive suggestions combined with the Reiki energy, greatly enhances the balance of the mind, body and spirit which promotes health and well-being.

What can HypnoReikiTM help with?

HypnoReikiTM has also been proven to be greatly beneficial when it comes to reducing symptoms and feelings of stress and anxiety as well as aiding in the relief of both physical and emotional pain.

HypnoReikiTM is effective in:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Triggering the body’s natural healing abilities
  • Easing aches and pains
  • Clearing energy blocks
  • Bringing a blissful sense of comfort and calm
  • Promoting blissful, restful sleep
  • Improving work/life balance and relationships

What will happen when I have HypnoReikiTM treatment?

HypnoReikiTM treatments are offered n Bournemouth.

Joy will talk through the treatment before you begin and discuss any issues that you would like to address.

You’ll be guided to relax on a treatment couch where Joy will make sure that you are comfortable so that you can thoroughly enjoy the treatment experience.

HypnoReikiTM has been described as a hugely empowering, relaxing and peaceful experience and one that should definitely be tried; you can read testimonials on our website.

HypnoReikiTM Training

Joy also offers one-day training for qualified Reiki Practitioners & Hypnotherapists which teaches you how to combine the positive hypnotherapy suggestions with Reiki healing. Comprehensive manual and scripts included. Take a look at our training page for more information.

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