Mindfulness Meaning Happiness

The number of people nowadays who say that they aren’t happy is alarming. Above all else, we should at least be happy within ourselves and our lives even if things haven’t turned out the way you thought they would.

A popular “trend” or technique that is on the rise is Mindfulness and people that practice it appear to be much more content and happier within themselves and their lives. So, what is it?

Mindfulness is basically a very simple form of meditation that until fairly recently wasn’t very well known. A simple mindfulness meditation can involve focusing your full attention on your breathing as it flows in and out. Focusing on each breath would allow someone to observe their own thoughts as they arise and little by little to let go of struggling with them.

The point of this technique is that you’ll watch thoughts flow in and just as quickly flow out again or pop like bubbles and begin to come to the understanding that thoughts and feelings (including all the negative ones) are transient. They come and go. However, it is your decision whether to act upon them or not.

Mindfulness is all about watching, watching yourself without criticism but instead with kindness and compassion. The idea is that it begins the process of putting some control back into your life and then over time, mindfulness when practised well can bring about long-term mood changes and lift levels of happiness and well-being.

There are even scientific studies that show mindfulness can not only prevent depression but also positively affect the underlying patterns of day to day anxiety, depression and irritability so that if they do rear their ugly heads again, they dissipate much more easily than before.

Despite the proven benefits and scientific studies, people are still wary the second that they hear the word meditation. There is a lot of myth and concerns around the word such as that meditation is based around some sort of religion. It’s not. It is simply a mental training tool it’s just that some religious people do practice meditation but then atheists do too!

Meditation is not complicated and really there is no success or failure when doing it – it all depends on how you feel after. Even if meditation has felt difficult then it has more than likely done something for your state of mind and well-being and as you become more practised will become easier and easier.

If you’re still unsure but interested to know more, why not read through this article published on the NHS website about what Mindfulness is and how to be more mindful in everyday life.

Of course, if you have any questions please do feel free to get in touch with me and I’d be happy to discuss.

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