Essential oils for a good life

For hundreds of years, pre-dating modern medicine, people had to find ways to heal the mind and body using what was around them and what the planet provided them with.  Witch Doctors and Medicine men and women were seen as mystical and magical beings and they might well have been, but if you look at them now from today’s hindsight, they were essentially homeopathic healers.

As well as a lot of other things along similar lines, homeopathic treatments and supplements are increasing in popularity as a way of easing pain, helping the sick and improving a person’s quality of life. A lot of homeopathic and holistic methods are now being recognised by bodies such as the NHS.

Something that often peaks the interest of those considering homeopathic lifestyle choices and activities is essential oils. There are so many, each with their own scent and qualities which can help and heal both mind and body.

If you are interested in introducing essential oils into your everyday life below are 3 that would be a great start…


Peppermint is great for relieving tension especially the type that comes on if you’re overwhelmed or have been staring at a computer for too long. It is cool and refreshing but also invigorating and the scent is also excellent for deep, clear breathing as it contains menthol.

To ease tension: Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and then massage into the temples or at the base of the neck.

Not suggested for use on babies and young children.


Lavender is probably one of the most commonly used essential oils and scents and should be your go-to oil for unwinding, particularly around bedtime. It is also great for healing minor cuts, grazes or sores, though obviously if you’re concerned you should also seek medical advice.

To Unwind: Add a couple of drops of lavender oil to a warm bath or dilute in water and add to a spray bottle and spray around the room for your whole family to enjoy and unwind with.

To Soothe: Add a couple of drops to warm water or a cream and mix well, then gently bathe the cut or sore in the water with cotton wool then pad dry. Repeat every few hours or apply cream and leave to heal.

Suitable for use on babies and children.


The 3 wise men had it right when they brought Frankincense to the table. A wonderful essential oil that grounds you when you feel anything but grounded. One of the most precious ancient oils, Frankincense is calming and relaxing. It’s often used in perfumes and faces cream.

To use: Why not add a drop of Frankincense to your face cream or moisturiser for a boost throughout the day.

Not suitable for use on babies and young children.

So if you’re looking to be revitalised, soothed or grounded bring make these oils an essential part of your life.

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