How to Find Your True Self

One of the most important adventures we will experience in our lives is the road to discovering who we really are. Many of us walk around either not really knowing who or what we are or listening to an awful inner voice that tells us all the wrong ideas about ourselves. We often mistake self-understanding and knowing one’s self as self-indulgence and instead avoid one of the few questions in life that truly matter; Who…
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7 Tips for Staying Calm

We’ve all been in a situation where we need to stay calm… be it due to the intensity of a situation and the need for a clear head, where it’s inappropriate to lash out and you need to hold your tongue or simply to quell any other feelings such as nerves. However, it is not always easy to stay calm in situations that increase our emotional levels and put us out of our preferred comfort…
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Essential oils for a good life

For hundreds of years, pre-dating modern medicine, people had to find ways to heal the mind and body using what was around them and what the planet provided them with.  Witch Doctors and Medicine men and women were seen as mystical and magical beings and they might well have been, but if you look at them now from today’s hindsight, they were essentially homeopathic healers. As well as a lot of other things along similar…
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Teach yourself to self-care with our Positive Perspectives Workshop

A lot of the time what can hold someone back from seeking help for whatever troubles them be it anxiety, depression, sleep, addiction can be a lack of time. A lot of these issues can be caused by a busy and hectic lifestyle and from getting overworked and run down. What if I told you, that actually with a little time spent you’d be able to reap the benefits for years and years to come.…
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Take a moment for yourself….and breathe

Have you ever just stopped and watched the world go by? Sometimes if you just sit and look, it is almost as if someone has hit the fast forward button. No one has time to stop anymore, sit, chat, relax. We are constantly on the go with a never ending to do list, demands left, right and centre and simply no time, especially for ourselves. If we keep on going at this frantic pace, it…
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As we get back to school & back to business the calm energy & flow of the summer months begin to ebb away into the busy rush of Autumn. Whilst our routine has probably started to return to normal we may also be experiencing a rise in stress levels & disrupted sleep patterns? Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and…
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