How nature can be good for your soul

Have you noticed that there seems to be much more birdsong around lately? Not only in the mornings and evenings, but all day long and it’s a joy to hear. Less traffic on the roads and no planes in the sky, i.e. less pollution in the air, seems to have made the birds very happy.

Now that we are allowed to go out a little further, I encourage everyone to venture out into nature as much as possible (or allowed under lockdown). You don’t need to go that far, if you can’t get out into the countryside there will be a local park close to you, even in the largest towns and cities. Just sit quietly and listen, see how many different songs and calls you can make out, it will bring joy to your soul if you allow it to.

While you are outside in fresh air, take a few deep breaths. Plants, and especially trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is harmful to humans in large doses, and even better than that, they give out oxygen, which is essential for us to breathe.

I guarantee that a few nice deep breaths while in a natural environment will invigorate your body, relax your mind and calm your soul. By the way, I do recommend breathing right down into your stomach, rather than just using the top half of your lungs. Go on, give it a try, let that stomach expand with the breath, nobody is looking! It will oxygenate your blood much better which will in turn not only cleanse your organs and muscles but will also boost your immune system.

These are good practical reasons for getting out into nature to give your whole body a boost and when we use Reiki we also work with the whole body which is the meaning of ‘holistic’ treatment. The Reiki energy flows into your body following energy channels, similar to the blood circulation, and in the same way, it cleanses wherever it touches, removing any blockages caused by physical, mental or emotional pain or stress, leaving you feeling calm and peaceful, maybe you will even hear the birds singing while you relax.

Unfortunately, we are currently not allowed to see clients face to face due to the lockdown restrictions, but we are still offering distance reiki sessions. You can contact us to arrange a date and time and then simply make yourself comfortable at home, while we perform the reiki from here. You may be surprised at how effective and relaxing this can be. Alternatively, we look forward to hearing from you when the current restrictions are themselves relaxed.

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