Reinventing Yourself: Body & Mind

The first couple months of the year are typically quite hard for a lot of people. Not only have we lost the euphoria we had in the run up to Christmas but it is dark and cold outside and we are often exhausted from all the running around we have had to do to prepare Christmas in the first place. This can often leave us feeling tired, run down and sometimes even in pain.

They call them the January blues for a reason and add in the fact that so many people try to completely change themselves in this, what could be considered the hardest month of the year thanks to New Years resolutions, it is not surprising that people struggle.

I’m not sure resolutions are the way forward, perhaps overall goals or even power words to use as a theme for the year is a better plan, because then on day 5 when you have that glass of wine or bite of chocolate you don’t feel like a total failure.

One word I love is reinvention and I sat and thought about ways to reinvent yourself in January to stave off those blues and the rather gloomy feelings that follow us around. I’m not saying mass weight loss transformation but perhaps the reinvention of your mindset towards yourself, so that perhaps we feature more prominently on our own list of important things to look after.

Think more a reinvention of the mind, perhaps doing new things, or learning new skills that will help us not only feel better for one day but in the long run too.

Get Outside

It’s not difficult and it doesn’t have to be for long, but exposure to daylight, even the dreary colour in winter, is good for us and often we can end up feeling low in winter due to our lack of daylight exposure. Our brains react positively to being in the sunlight, and it can actually help us sleep better too.

Trying Something New

Take a look at your life and look for an area where something might be lacking. For example, do you feel challenged or would you like to perhaps learn a new skill? Something like one of my weekend Reiki training sessions could be ideal, as it will force you to take time out for yourself, learn a new skill and give you the ability to offer yourself some self-healing.

Plan a Holiday

It doesn’t have to be something big; it could just be a simple night away. It might be for 18 months’ time, but having something to look forward to can give you a sense of purpose as well as excitement or joy. So, whether it’s a weekend spent visiting family or finally booking that dream holiday, it doesn’t matter, just make some plans.


It is a really big cliché, especially with all the unrealistic resolutions people set, but actually, getting more exercise can not only help you reconnect with your body and take some control over it, but can also help you feel happier.

Have you seen that film Legally Blonde? Well, she wasn’t lying. Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.

Whether you choose to reinvent yourself in 2020 or just choose to take 5 minutes for a little self-care each day, just make sure that you do something for you.

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