Why combining Reiki and Hypnotherapy through HypnoReiki™ works so well.

Reiki and Hypnotherapy naturally complement each other as they are both energy healing therapies. Both Hypnotherapy and Reiki enables clients to relax and be nurtured by the therapist who speaks to the client in soothing hypnotherapeutic soothing tones while at the same time Reiki as a hands-on energy healing practice promotes relaxation at an even deeper energetic level.

After receiving the HypnoReiki™ treatment people have said that they felt so deeply relaxed like they have not felt for years. They will tell of movement in their bodies in a gentle way during the treatment. Often, they say they are feeling buzzy with tingly hands and feet – full of clean energy. Many experience a noticeable after glow which can be seen around their faces, cheeks and skin and they say they like this feeling very much. HypnoReiki™ has been described as a very nurturing experience.

A client will know the difference between HypnoReiki™ and Reiki or Hypnotherapy as the practitioner will take a thorough consultation prior to the session and explain to them what Reiki is and what Hypnotherapy is. They will then also explain how HypnoReiki™ is a combination of the two and during the session they will experience both therapies. HypnoReiki™ is not an isolated therapy on its own perse it is a ‘combination’ of these two put together in a method I created to produce a deeply relaxing and healing treatment.

When I delivered my first HypnoReiki™ treatment I felt elated as I could feel healing took place at a much deeper level that just a single Reiki or Hypnotherapy session. When the client gave me much positive feedback, I just knew straight away I had to share it with others and teach my method to other practitioners.

For full details of HypnoReiki™ training, visit my Training page.

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