How to Be More Open Minded

There is a certain sense of comfort we feel from staying inside our own little boxes. Being set in our ways can make us feel safe and secure meaning it can be difficult at times to open our minds up to other possibilities.

However, being able and willing to open your mind up to new opportunities such as knowledge, adventure and new relationships leaves the door open for a greater sense of fulfilment and more happiness in your life.

In order to make opportunities happen and in order to embrace them it is important to find the motivation within yourself to try new things. Stop. Think about; why do you want to become more open? Are you committed to seeing it through? Are you willing to take action to ensure something happens?

Once you are committed and ready to take action, you need to choose the areas of your life that you want to open up to new ideas. E.g. If you’re always eating the same things and you’d like some variation in your menu. To open your mind more, you should try at least one new food or recipe a week. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a simplistic and realistic approach is best.

A great way to start would be in one small area and then gradually include more and more areas. This will be much easier to cope with and manage than an automatic, drastic change.

So how do you become more open minded?

  1. When you hear differing opinions to that of your own, fight the urge to scoff or react in anger. Instead try to open yourself up and find the wisdom to understand that not everyone’s opinions will be the same as yours. Try stepping into their shoes.
  2. Try not to close yourself off from new situations. It can be tempted to stick to the comfort of the norm but instead, try and welcome new situations that are different from those. Try and see any new situation as a learning experience.
  3. Purposefully place yourself out of your comfort zone. Make the effort to step out of your box. If you have anxieties about new situations you should still take this step but make the changes slowly. There is no prize for getting there first, just enjoy the journey.
  4. Sometimes the only way to learn about something is to have an open mind and be prepared to admit you don’t know everything. Ask questions to gain a better understanding of a situation. If someone is prepared to share and answer your queries, then be eager and willing to listen.
  5. Some people refuse to be open minded because they think they know and understand something, without actually experiencing it. However, you need to get out there and live the experience before forming your own opinions.

Overall, just remember that when you have a positive outlook and attitude towards new experiences and the idea of new situations, you can open yourself up to the possibility of new discoveries every day. It is also a great way to make life that little bit more fun and exciting!

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