A Guide to the Reiki Chakras

Chakras? What on earth are Chakras I hear you say! If you have heard of them but don’t know much about them then you might consider them to be a little ‘woo woo’ so let me explain: What are Chakras? The word refers to the energy centres that are in and around our body. We are all energetic beings and this energetic aspect may not be visible or even known to some people. Some describe…
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Have You Thought About Becoming A Natural Healer?

Do you know what a natural healer is? Natural healers are people who allow the energy of Spirit to flow through them in a way that guides, rejuvenates and empowers others. The spiritual healer is also a wounded healer. In other words, by healing themselves, they heal others. Some people are born to be natural healers, it is their calling, and their healing powers can do so much good for both them and the people around them. Natural healers…
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Benefits of learning to practise Reiki

While all healers affect life energy, not all healers use Reiki. Reiki is a specific form of energy medicine, and can only be performed by someone that has been attuned to it. Anyone can be attuned to practice Reiki, and once you have been attuned you retain the gift of Reiki for the rest of your life. Reiki is practiced in communities around the world, by everyday people and by medical professionals both in the…
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