What can you expect from HypnoReiki™ training?

HypnoReiki™ training can be likened to the training that you as a practitioner will have done when studying Reiki and Hypnotherapy. In order to attend the training, you need to be qualified in both practitioner level Hypnotherapy and Reiki Level 2. So, you have already learnt the skills required to do the course and had experiences in working with clients to discuss. In many ways the course is a refresher in these two beautiful modalities, especially for newly qualified practitioners as the course is helpful in deepening their awareness and knowledge in addition to the shared case studies and experiences I bring to the course.

In the training I really enjoy sharing the sheer pleasure of passing on a blend of Hypnotherapy and Reiki that is proven to work at a deeper level. To experience each trainee as an individual, therefore each training session is unique in nature although the same in content. I share client stories and examples which are evidence of HypnoReiki™ success. I also love the spiritual aspect, talking freely about the various spiritual influences. Trainees also share their stories and use of various spiritual mediums and techniques in their work, such as angel / tarot cards, crystals, mediumship, art, writing, books and literature.

Online training works so well because time and distance isn’t a barrier from anywhere in the world; New Zealand, USA, Australia, Bali, Canada, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland. It saves on costs of travel and accommodation. It gives me and the trainee the flexibility to work within our busy diaries and various time frames which we can negotiate together.

This course is suitable for Level 2 Reiki and above and Hypnotherapy practitioners, whether you are a newly qualified practitioner or a more established practitioner in both these wonderful modalities.


In the training you will be:


  • Learning how my HypnoReiki™ method came to be ‘discovered’, tried and tested and became established as a successful healing treatment.
  • Exploring how Reiki and Hypnotherapy work so well together through discussing various case studies and sharing of individual experiences and practices within each of them.
  • I will provide various examples of HypnoReiki™ case studies, giving evidence of how it works to produce healing on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic levels and give a practical demonstration of my HypnoReiki™method and how the HypnoReiki™ treatment is applied.
  • There will be plenty of time for you to practice and receive individual supervised support.
  • Throughout the learning and training you will come to understand how and why the scripts I provide are most effective and yet can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your clients, and your own personal level of experience.
  • You will receive a HypnoReiki™ Training Manual, scripts, certificate and HypnoReiki™ logo to use for your marketing and promotions.
  • I also offer and provide you with ongoing personal support.


Visit the Training page on this website for full details.

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