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What can you expect from HypnoReiki™ training?

HypnoReiki™ training can be likened to the training that you as a practitioner will have done when studying Reiki and Hypnotherapy. In order to attend the training, you need to be qualified in both practitioner level Hypnotherapy and Reiki Level 2. So, you have already learnt the skills required to do the course and had experiences in working with clients to discuss. In many ways the course is a refresher in these two beautiful modalities,…
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Teach yourself to self-care with our Positive Perspectives Workshop

A lot of the time what can hold someone back from seeking help for whatever troubles them be it anxiety, depression, sleep, addiction can be a lack of time. A lot of these issues can be caused by a busy and hectic lifestyle and from getting overworked and run down. What if I told you, that actually with a little time spent you’d be able to reap the benefits for years and years to come.…
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